Tuesday 21 September 2021

AGM Summary

Robert West will be publishing the official Minutes of last night's AGM in due course. However, in the meantime, I have summarised below the most important points.

A minutes silence was held to remember those Members who had passed away since the last AGM.

The positions of Fixtures Secretary, Results Secretary, Tournament Secretary, Grader and Publicity Officer were abolished as these functions are all handled either by LMS (in the guise of the LMS Administrator and Club Captains), or on the NSDCA website. The relevant parts of the Constitution will be re-written in the near future to reflect these changes.

The following Officers were elected:

Chairman: Robert Milner  Secretary: Robert West  Treasurer: Peter Evans  LMS Administrator: Steve Emmerton  Webmaster: Steve Emmerton

NSDCA Reps To Staffordshire County Chess Association: Bob Perry & Peter Evans                                                                    

Peter Evans agreed to act as Deputy Webmaster in the event of Steve's unavailability and Nic Wright agreed to act as Deputy LMS Administrator.

Peter Evans gave an account of the League's financial position and proposed that we forego Club fees for the coming season. This was unanimously agreed.

It was agreed that the current League Playing Rules would be suspended for one year and new Rules agreed for the coming season once the format of the competitions had been finalised.

There will be no Cup competitions this season.

There followed a discussion regarding the mandatory wearing of face masks during matches, while at the board. The proposal to enact this rule was passed on the casting vote of the Chairman. There followed a proposal from Crewe that a separate Division be created where the wearing of face masks would be voluntary. This was unanimously agreed. Steve Emmerton will now contact all Club Secretaries to find out which Division (Mandatory Masks or Voluntary Masks) they wish to enter and how many teams they wish to enter. Once this information has been received we will decide on the format of each competition. Secretaries are requested to forward this information to Steve by Friday the 1st October.

The 2022 AGM will take place during the week commencing 11th July 2022 - venue to be decided nearer the date.