Wednesday, 18 November 2020

NSCDA On Line League Proposals

 This message is being sent from Crewe Chess Club to current captains of the 2020 Trial Online League, NSDCA Committee, and other club secretaries or interested parties not covered. Please forward this message to all of your club colleagues.

Thanks to the teams taking part in the Trial League we have had 52 players participate so far which represents approximately 1/3 of the OTB numbers.

Taking the view that OTB chess is unlikely for the next few months, we would like to set up another Online League to start in January to run for about10-12 weeks.

The intention would be to try and run two separate competitions.

1. A Rapid-play League, based on the current format (25 mins + 5 secs; two games per board, one as W & B.,4 boards per team)

2. A longer-play League, based on format of 45 mins + 15 secs increments. For this league, there would be only one game per night, with the away team being white on odd boards. (4 boards per team).

The competitions will run in alternate weeks so clubs and players may participate in either or both of the events.

The aim is to involve as many as possible.

The are other ideas that need to be discussed, and comments are welcome.

Should results be submitted for ECF "Online Grading" which would require each player to be registered at least at SUPPORTER LEVEL with the ECF. Or do we continue with the "friendly/ungraded style" ?

Do we ask teams from neighbouring leagues if they wish to participate in the proposed competition?

Please confirm entries and answers to the other questions to David Price at Crew Chess Club.

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Moving the League on Line

Previous posts have described how North Staffs Clubs are taking their games on-line and thanks to the organisers for their hard work. With the backing of the NSDCA committee, David Hulme of Crewe is trying to organise an on-line competition for the NSDCA clubs, so if you wish to compete in the competition please contact David.

It is David's intention for the competition to run between October and December. 

Invitation to play in a Staffordshire Team in 2020 World Chess League

Peter Hornsby is the lead organiser of the 2020 World Chess League and his own team is named after the picturesque Staffordshire village of Abbots Bromley  

Peter invites NSDCA players to join the team. The competition uses the engine and the matches are played once every two weeks and there are two games of 10+5, so it is all completed in around 40 minutes. 

If you wish to assist, please contact Peter.

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Chess In The Park

As most Club's venues are still closed 'Over The Board' chess has come to a standstill. However, Fenton Chess Club are running outdoor sessions at Brampton Park in Newcastle on Wednesdays. The sessions start at 11:00 and run until about 15:00. They are not restricted to Fenton Members - anybody is welcome to come along and play. We use the tables just outside the Cheeky Monkeys Play Area & Cafe. The cafe itself has recently re-opened so you can get food and drink (including beers !!) if you want to eat there.

Fenton Chess Club - New Venue

The Tollgate Hotel are not re-opening following the Covid-19 lockdown. Consequently, Fenton Chess Club have lost their venue. However, they have found a potential new venue at the Blurton Social Club, just a short distance from The Tollgate. Like most other venues it is not currently open though. More information to be published as it becomes available.

Saturday, 18 July 2020

Crewe Chess Club On Line

Crewe CC have remained active through lockdown playing online through Lichess. They have taken part in 4NCL online's first season, and are intending to increase participation while there is little chance of a return to playing over the board.

Crewe have played a mix of blitz and long-play challenge matches against Chester, Holmes Chapel and Malpas. Next week there is a match next week against Atticus from Liverpool.

Please contact Crewe's secretary, David Hulme if you would like to play any sort of match against them.

Cheddleton On Line

A word of congratulation for the Cheddleton Club who are keeping busy by playing on line up to 4 times a week. They have now clocked up sixty on line club events with up to 12 players of all grades playing in every event. Well done to all especially to Simon Edwards the organiser for Cheddleton on Lichess.

Saturday, 4 July 2020

Obituary Brian Birchall

It is understood that Brian has passed away; a victim of Covoid-19. Brian played for Alsager until about 2016 when he retired from competitive chess. He was a stalwart for Staffordshire teams in the County Championships, and a keen supporter of and participator in any local congress.
This memory of Brian has been supplied by Les Hall.

When I started playing, he used to pick me up as he lived near me. We played league and cup matches in the North Staffs League and he also took me to my 1st Congress at Manchester. Over the last few years I have helped him, as his deputy, run a U3A chess group in Crewe on a Thursday afternoon. We played every Wednesday morning, along with about half a dozen others,in Alsager Library.

Brian was a true gent and would do anything for you if you asked, I for one, along with many others will miss him a great deal.

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Season 2019-2020 has been Concluded

Please see the following information from Chairman, Robert Milner, and Secretary Robert West.

It has become clear that concluding this season will not be possible.  As such this current season will not be restarted.  All games played up to the point of suspension will be counted for grading and the results of matches played and league standings will be recorded in the Associations's archives.  However, no league titles or trophies will be awarded.  Arrangements for the AGM will be agreed when possible.

Monday, 20 April 2020

Cheddleton Chess Club On-line and Guests are Invited

Cheddleton Chess Club are continuing on line and they would like to invite both current and former Cheddleton & Leek players and any other NSDCA players to join in. Any level of player from beginner to Grand Master can be accommodated.

A minimum of three tournaments a week are hosted:

Friday night 7.45pm a 10min +increment
Sunday 2pm 7 min + increment
Tuesday 7.30pm 5min + increment

Please see the following link for details: