Wednesday 20 November 2019

Close win for the Staffordshire Under 120 Team

The Staffordshire Under 120 Team won a very tight match away against neighbours Derbyshire by a single point, 6½ to 5½. With the players on the top ten boards all very close in their grades, the game should have been close and it proved to be. The end game skills of the Staffordshire veterans turned the match with two wins and two draws from seemingly lost positions to take the away team past the winning post. The team included players from four NSDCA clubs; Stafford, Meir, Fenton and Cheddleton. Captain Peter Evans offers his apologies to those who offered to play and for whom transport could not be arranged. Anyone who wishes to play county chess at Under 140, Under 120 or Under 100 level should contact the team captains.