Tuesday 21 February 2012

Monday Night Double For Fenton

With the Fenton Sports & Social Club closed, Fenton switched their 2 home fixtures to Meir. In the Semi-Final of the Perry (U110) Trophy Fenton beat Meir by 3-1. They will now meet either Cheddleton or Newcastle in the Final.

Neal Davies  1  Stuart Green  0
Geoff Yates  0.5  David Hackney  0.5
Derek Whitehurst  1  Bob Perry  0
Peter Tideswell  0.5  Ray Rhodes  0.5

In Division 3, Fenton 'B' beat Newcastle 'D' by 3-1 but the scoreline belies the closeness of the match, with the Newcastle Board 4 blundering a piece away in a winning position and then losing on time. Board 1 was also probably a draw but lost going for the win.

Derrick Wallace  1  Martyn Harris  0
Rob Taylor  0.5  Paul Clapham  0.5
Steve Emmerton  0.5  Steven Cooper  0.5
Jason Plant  1  Derrick Jones  0