Thursday 23 February 2012

Cheddleton Squeeze Into Final Of The Open Cup

Cheddleton just squeezed past Stafford in the Semi-Final of the 8 Board Open Cup last night. With 6 of the individual games being drawn, and a win each on the other 2 boards, the final score was 4-4, with Cheddleton going through to the final on board count, where they will meet Holmes Chapel,

Lawrence Cooper  0.5  Robert Shaw  0.5
Lee Grinsell  0.5  Rafal Stepien  0.5
Malcolm Armstrong  0.5  David Buxton  0.5
Stephane Pedder  0  Colin Davison  1
Roger Butters  0.5  Simon Gilmore  0.5
Pavlo Nefedev  1  Bill Armstrong  0
Railton Hyde  0.5  Leszek Stepien  0.5
Kasiz Wozniak  0.5  Matthew Wyza  0.5