Sunday 20 February 2011

More Friday Evening Results From Cheddleton

With 4 matches being played on one evening at Cheddleton, rumour has it that they'll soon be moving into an aircraft hangar !!

Cheddleton 'D' remain in 3rd place in Division 3 following a 2-2 draw with Holmes Chapel Pawns, although they still have 2 games in hand of joint leaders Fenton 'B' and Stafford 'B' and are only 1 point behind.

R Edwards  0  B Scattergood  1
R Walker  1  G Scattergood  0
K Brownlee  0  S Blackburn  1
D Hallen  1  D Price  0

Cheddleton 'E' beat Cheddleton 'I' by 3-1 to go top of Division 5.

J Jackson  0  K Grzybowski  1
J Healings  0  D Rose  1
J Boswell  1  Liam Dimmick  0
D Holland  0  G Hamilton  1