Saturday 19 February 2011

Friday Evening's Results From Cheddleton

Cheddleton 'A' and Newcastle 'A' shared the points in their Division 1 match last night.

R Shaw  1/2  M Harris  1/2
C Whitfield  1  A Paling  0
S Edwards  1/2  A Jamieson  1/2
D Buxton  1/2  B Jones  1/2
J Yee  0  G Lee  1

Honours were also even in the Division 5 basement battle between bottom teams Cheddleton 'F' and Fenton 'D'.

C Abell  1/2  R Taylor  1/2
A McFadden  1  G Yates  0
E Smith  1/2  D Whitehurst  1/2
C Griffiths  0  P Grocott 1

Rumour has it that there was also a match between Cheddleton 'I' and Cheddleton 'E' in this division but I have no details of this as yet.