Tuesday 12 January 2021

Individual Tournament Details

 Further details of the longer format competition have been received from the organisers. This is an individual competition, and your entry should be made to Alberto Gissi.  

The event will be 4 section swiss style competition, ungraded, so will be open to everyone and you are not required to be ECF members. The event is free and there will be no prize, except for the congratulations from your opponents. 

The time control will be 45 minutes with a 5 second increment.  

Format: 5 rounds, 1 game per night played over several weeks, on alternate weeks from the online league. 

It is intended to have 4 sections based on the July 2020 standard grades: Open, Under 160, Under 130 and Under 100. However, the grades for the sections may be amended if the number and grade of the entrants warrants.