Wednesday 18 November 2020

NSCDA On Line League Proposals

 This message is being sent from Crewe Chess Club to current captains of the 2020 Trial Online League, NSDCA Committee, and other club secretaries or interested parties not covered. Please forward this message to all of your club colleagues.

Thanks to the teams taking part in the Trial League we have had 52 players participate so far which represents approximately 1/3 of the OTB numbers.

Taking the view that OTB chess is unlikely for the next few months, we would like to set up another Online League to start in January to run for about10-12 weeks.

The intention would be to try and run two separate competitions.

1. A Rapid-play League, based on the current format (25 mins + 5 secs; two games per board, one as W & B.,4 boards per team)

2. A longer-play League, based on format of 45 mins + 15 secs increments. For this league, there would be only one game per night, with the away team being white on odd boards. (4 boards per team).

The competitions will run in alternate weeks so clubs and players may participate in either or both of the events.

The aim is to involve as many as possible.

The are other ideas that need to be discussed, and comments are welcome.

Should results be submitted for ECF "Online Grading" which would require each player to be registered at least at SUPPORTER LEVEL with the ECF. Or do we continue with the "friendly/ungraded style" ?

Do we ask teams from neighbouring leagues if they wish to participate in the proposed competition?

Please confirm entries and answers to the other questions to David Price at Crew Chess Club.