Wednesday 29 November 2017

Some Early Season Stats

Thanks to the League Management System we can now produce Player Stats which may be of interest. In the following stats I am ignoring Division 1 as not enough matches have been played. In the other Divisions I am only including players who have played 3 or more matches in each Division.

In Division 2, the leading players are :
Petru Floresc (Fenton) 4.5/5 = 90% and Rick Renegade (Crewe) 3.5/4 = 87.5%.

In Division 3, the leading players are :
Rick Renegade (Crewe) 4/4 = 100% and Peter Windows (Meir) 4/5 = 80%.

In Division 4, the leading players are :
Phil Birks (Cheddleton) and Joe Alcock (Cheddleton) Both 2.5/3 = 83.33%.

In Division 5, the leading players are:
Roger Walker (Cheddleton ) and Amy Lovatt (Crewe) Both 3/3 = 100% and Steve Ballantyne (Crewe) 3.5/4 = 87.5%.

Rick Renegade is obviously the man to watch, with 7 wins and a draw from his 8 league matches, plus a win in the Open Cup. Expect to see his grade shoot up in the January Grading List. With a Performance Grade approaching 200 in Division 2, we should also see Petru Floresc's grade move rapidly north in January.