Wednesday 30 August 2017

Leyland Congress

Les Hall tells me that 3 Crewe players were at the Leyland Cngress - himself, Neville Layhe and Rick Renegade. 

Neville was playing in the Major Section and, despite being ranked 16th out of the 20 entrants, finished 3rd with 4/5, so well done to him.

Rick Renegade, the faded 1950's pop star, finished 2nd in the Minor Section with 4/5, so very well done to him as well. Les also played in the Minor Section but could only manage a measly 1.5/5. His result in the British U120 Championship seems to have gone to his head and his results are now on their usual downward trajectory !!

Apparently Jacob Boswell played in the Open Section but I have no news on his performance.