Friday 4 August 2017

Friday Results From The British Championships

Alex Richardson won his 7th round match in the Championship and is now on 50% with 3.5/7.

In the Major Open there were draws for Simon Edwards, Jacob Boswell and Colin Davison, who are now on 4/7, 3.5/7 and 3/7 respectively.

In the 5th and final round of the U140 Championship, Julian Hawthorne, Malcolm Roberts and Sam Parry all won their final matches, while Mike Lee drew. Julian finished on 3/5, Mike and Malcolm were on 2/5 and Sam on 1.5/5.

Les Hall won his 5th round match in the U120 Championship to finish joint runner-up on 4/5, just half a point behind the winner. Many congratulations to him. Julian Hawthorne also won, finishing on 3/5, and Joe Hirst drew, finishing on 2.5/5.

Joe Hirst won his 5th round match in the U100 Championship, finishing joint 4th on 3.5/5 - a tremendous performance so very well done to him. Les Hall lost his match, finishing on 2.5/5.

Jacob Boswell lost his 6th round match in the U16 Championship and is on 3/6 going into the last round.

Sam Parry drew his 6th round match in the U12 Championship and is on 2.5/6 going into the last round.