Wednesday 2 August 2017

British Championship Update

Alex Richardson is on 1.5/4 in the Championship after winning his 3rd round match on Monday and losing yesterday.

In the Major Open, Simon Williams is on 2.5/4 after losing his 3rd round match on Monday and drawing yesterday. Colin Davison and Jacob Boswell are both on 1.5/4. Colin lost his 3rd round match and drew in the 4th round while Jacob drew in both the 3rd and 4th rounds.

In the U16 Championship, Jacob is on 1.5/3 after drawing his 2nd round match and losing in the 3rd.

In the U12 Championship, Sam Parry of Cheddleton is on 1.5/3 after winning his 2nd round game and losing in the 3rd round.

In the U100 Championship, Joe Hirst of Newcastle Juniors leads the way on 2/2, while Les Hall is on 1/2 from 1 win and 1 loss.

In the U120 Championship, Julian Hawthorne and Les Hall are both on 1 point after 2 rounds, while Joe Hirst is on 0.5. Julian's point from the first round came by virtue of a default.

In the U140 Championship, Mike Lee and Malcolm Roberts of Holmes Chapel are both on 0.5 after 2 rounds, while Julian Hawthorne is on 1 point. Malcolm's half point seems to be from a 1st round bye. Sam Parry is also on 0.5.

I think I've covered everybody. If not, my apologies to anybody concerned and please let me know.