Wednesday 8 March 2017

Wednesday Evening Results

Division 3

Newcastle 'D'  3  Cheddleton 'D'  1

It was all change at the top of Division 3 again last night, with Newcastle's win leaprogging them to the top of the table. They are now a point clear of Cheddleton 'C', but with a match in hand.

Crewe 'B'  2.5  Alsager 'A'  1.5

Alsager missed the chance to join Newcastle 'D' at the top of Division 3 when they were beaten at Crewe 'B'.

Perry Trophy

Newcastle  1.5  Cheddleton  2.5

Keele University  0  Crewe  3

The original result of this match was a 2 - 2 draw, with Keele winning on board count. However, it subsequently transpired that the Keele board 2 was overgraded. His game has been awarded to his opponent and, as per league rules, a further penalty point has been deducted from the Keele score, making it a 3 - 0 win for Crewe.

Crewe will now host Cheddleton in the Final on the 26th April.