Monday 13 March 2017

Blackpool Congress

Rob Shaw was ranked 11th in the Open Section but finished a disappointing joint 17th with 2.5/5 in a field of 45.

Jacob Boswell and Thivyaa Rahulan performed extremely well in the Major (U181) Section of the Blackpool Congress. Jacob finished joint 3rd with 4/5 in a field of 63. Thivyaa finished joint 6th with 3.5/5. Jacob was ranked joint 28th at the start of the tournament and Thivyaa was ranked 60th, so this was a brilliant performance from both of them.

Our most successful NSDCA players in the Minor (U135) Section were Ken McNulty and Martin Gill, who finished joint 17th out of a field of 83 with a score of 3/5.

I have no details as yet on the Intermediate (U155) or Standard (U115) Sections, in which we had several NSDCA players competing.