Friday 26 August 2016

County AGM

The County AGM was held on Wednesday evening and the following are some of the salient points that might interest NSDCA clubs. There may have been more but by 9:00 I was losing the will to live and looking round for a piece of rope and something to hang it from !!
  • All existing Officers were re-elected.
  • The County U140 team is being resurrected and Peter Windows of Meir Chess Club has agreed to Captain the team. 
  • Peter Evans of Stafford and Robert West of Fenton will continue to Captain the U120 and U100 teams respectively.
  • The format of the County Cups has been changed. From this season they will be end of season matches between teams nominated by the Wolverhampton League and the NSDCA. Nominated teams must, however, be based within the County boundary as defined in Article 2 of the County Constitution. This means that Alsager, Crewe, Holmes Chapel and Macclesfield will not be eligible to be nominated to represent the NSDCA. In the South of the County this will mean that clubs based in Birmingham, Warwickshire or Worcestershire will not be eligible, even though they play in either the Wolverhampton or Cannock League.
I will publish the full AGM Minutes as soon as they become available.

Anybody interested in playing for one of the County teams should contact the relevant Captain. County Captain contact details can be found on the right hand side of this page.