Thursday 14 July 2016


Monday's NSDCA AGM was very well attended, with only one club failing to send a representative - no names but you know who you are !!

The Minutes will be published shortly but, in the meantime, the following are some of the salient points :

  • Due to illness, David Hulme was unable to attend the meeting so Roger Edwards took the Chair.
  • The position of Grading Officer was officially added to the list of NSDCA Officials.
  • Martyn Harris was elected as our new Grading Officer.
  • All other Officers and Officials were re-elected.
  • The AGM were given the authority to nominate individuals as Hon Vice Presidents in recognition of their service to the Association.
  • Bill Armstrong and Andrew Leadbetter were then elected as our first Hon Vice Presidents.
  • Hon Vice Presidents will be entitled to attend Executive Committee Meetings but not to vote.
  • The 15 point rule was finally put to bed !! In future a grade difference of up to, and including, 15 points will be permissible. Anything above this is not.
  • The definition of who becomes the ineligible player in an overgraded team was clarified and added to the Rules.
  • The Open Cup was changed from an 8 board competition to a 6 board competition.
  • Decisions on the composition of the various Divisions and Cups was deferred until after the publication of the July Grading List. Clubs then have until the 14th August to get their entries in to Martyn Harris so that he can begin work on the fixture list and to make the draws for the Cup competitions.
  • Keele University were accepted as members of the Association, although they will only be playing friendly matches to begin with. They have indicated, however, that they will probably want to enter the Perry Trophy.
  • Next year's AGM to be held in the second week in July at a venue to be decided. The actual day depending upon which venue is used.
A shorter than usual AGM was then concluded at 21:50.