Friday 22 July 2016

County Team Membership Eligibility

Following rule changes made by the Midland Counties Chess Union regarding eligibility of individuals to represent the County, the following eligibility rules will apply :

Residence in Staffordshire
Birth in Staffordshire
Work in Staffordshire
Attend School/College/University in Staffordshire

Playing for a club located outside of the Staffordshire County Boundaries, who happen to play in a league located inside Staffordshire, no longer entitles you to play for Staffordshire. As far as the NSDCA is concerned this will affect Alsager, Crewe, Holmes Chapel and Macclesfield, unless any of their members fulfil one of the aforementioned eligibility criteria.

I must stress that this is an MCCU decision, and not one that Staffordshire agree with, and makes an already difficult job for County Captains that much harder.