Tuesday 24 May 2016

Clarification Of Ineligible Player - Article 8 Of The Playing Rules

I have been asked to clarify the interpretation of Article 8 regarding overgraded teams. Although it is not specifically written in the Rules (something that we hope will be changed at the AGM) it is as follows :

"An ineligible side is one that breaches the grading limit for the competition. The penalty for fielding an ineligible side is that the lowest board, whose grade exceeds the minimum counting grade by at least the teams excess over the limit, has their game automatically scored to the opposition. In addition to this a further one penalty point will be deducted from the score of the offending team. If no such player exists then two penalty points are deducted from the score of the offending team. This is for match score purposes only. For grading purposes the result of the game, as played, stands."