Sunday 15 November 2015

4NCL Results

Starting from this season I will be reporting on the 4NCL results for Cheddleton '2', Cheddleton '3' and Holmes Chapel as these all include players who are regulars in the North Staffs League. I will not be including Cheddleton '1' as these are all IM's and GM's who do not play in our league.

Our 3 teams all play in Division 3 North. This is split into 2 pools, with Cheddleton '2' and Holmes Chapel playing in Pool A and Cheddleton '3' playing in Pool B.

This years competition started this weekend at the Cedar Court Hotel in Wakefield and the results were as follows (click on the links to view the match score cards) :

Pool A Round 1 

Cheddleton '2'  2.5  3Cs  3.5
Manchester Manticores '3'  2  Holmes Chapel  4

Pool A Round 2

Holmes Chapel  2.5  Cheddleton '2'  3.5

Pool B Round 1

Manx Ravens  3.5  Cheddleton '3'  2.5

Pool B Round 2

Cheddleton '3'  3  Manchester Manticores '1'  3

The next round of matches will take place at the De Vere Wychwood Park Hotel in Crewe on the 16th/17th January.