Tuesday 14 July 2015


The NSDCA AGM was held last night and full details will appear here shortly. However, the main business of the evening was the adoption of the revised Constitution & Playing Rules. The Constitution was passed on a majority vote, as were the Playing Rules, following a few minor amendments. Once again, these will be published on the website shortly. Attendance was up on last year with 31 people attending as opposed to 23 last year. Only one club failed to send a representative - the same as last year.

There were several changes to the Officers and Committee as follows :

Honorary President : Roger Edwards (Cheddleton)
Chairman : David Hulme (Crewe)
General Secretary : Robert Milner (Cheddleton)
Treasurer : Peter Evans (Stafford)
Results Secretary : Steve Emmerton (Fenton)
Fixtures Secretary : Martyn Harris (Newcastle)
Publicity Officer/Webmaster : Steve Emmerton (Fenton)
Events Secretary : David Hulme (Crewe)
ECF Rep : Andrew Leadbetter (Stafford)
County Reps : Peter Evans (Stafford)  Bob Perry (Meir)