Tuesday 14 July 2015

Andrew Leadbetter

From Robert Milner On Behalf Of The NSDCA :

Andrew Leadbetter has been the Chairman of the North Staffordshire & District Chess Association since 1996 and his association with the League goes back almost twenty years before that.  From the late 1970s he has been the Staffordshire County Treasurer for almost forty years and is continuing to flourish in that role.  He was also for many years the President of the Wolverhampton and District Chess League.  He has also served the County as a delegate to the MCCU and the ECF since the 1970s.  His desire always to get to the root of anything that crops up, no matter how many directions it needs to be approached from, has always been his stock in trade.  His service to the North Staffs & District Chess Association over the years has been second to none and it is to be hoped that he continues to be actively involved in all the Association’s affairs for many years to come.  I have been proud to consider him a friend for well over thirty years and I trust this will continue for many years to come.  His dedication to his chess duties could not be better demonstrated than by the fact that he came to the AGM of the North Staffs & District Chess Association last night almost immediately after the death of his dear Jo to whom he had been devoted for so many years. We would all, I am sure, wish to offer him our condolences as well as our thanks for his service to us and we all wish to see a great deal more of him in the future.