Tuesday 24 March 2015

Mobile App

Mike Smith has just published the following release notes for the updated version of the mobile app :

NSDCA app version 2.3.0 Release Notes:

The app is now viewable in landscape and portrait mode.  Everything seems to re-size correctly (a small bug with the fixture and results is discussed below).

The Calendar has been fixed by simply embedding the NSDCA Google Calendar into the app.  A consequence of this is that the calendar is un-viewable when offline.  This issue may be addressed when the new beta off-line viewing of the Google Calendar is supported by the iOS and Android web views. At the moment the beta version is just supported by Chrome 10.

A new section: ‘Fixtures and Results’ has been introduced.  You can view fixture dates and scores for all NSDCA competitions, as well as viewing the scorecard for every match.  There is a very small bug: when switching between landscape and portrait there is a small re-sizing glitch. This will be addressed over the summer, but for now simply changing view between landscape/portrait at the menu rather than in the ‘Fixtures & Results’ section will avoid problems.

There have been some aesthetic changes to the menu graphics

The updated app is available now on Android and Amazon devices. The Apple version may take another week - this is just because of the way that Apple work.

Existing users of the app will need to update it. Failing that, uninstall the app and then download and install the latest version. It may also be worth going into the Settings on your device and clearing down the cache for the app.

If anybody has any problems with the app, or any questions or suggestions, can you please contact Mike directly by email at mikenmaz@btinternet.com.