Saturday 21 March 2015

15 Point Grade Rule

I have been asked for clarification of the 15 point grade rule as used by the NSDCA. The wording of the rule is as follows:

Rule 2a  A player may not play on a higher board than a player with a published ECF grade fifteen points higher than his/her own except as covered by Article 3, Rules 3 and 4.The 'shadow' grading list as circulated by the League General Secretary should be consulted for ungraded players. Until the current season's grading list is available, the previous season's list should be used. Players with no grade on the circulated list should play in order of strength according to the team captain's own estimation of their grade.

For example a player graded 140 can play above a player graded 154 but not above a player graded 155. Therefore, the maximum grade difference allowable is 14.