Monday 8 December 2014

County Defeats For Staffordshire

It was a disappointing weekend for the County teams with both the Open and U120 teams losing.

The Open team were beaten 9 - 7 by Worcestershire in the Minor Counties Championship. Click here to view the full match score card.

The U120's were unable to raise a full complement of players and, unfortunately, had to default the bottom 2 boards and went down by 7.5 - 4.5 against Lincolnshire. Click here to view the full match score card.

There was also a 3rd County match at the weekend with Staffordshire being invited to play Shropshire in the Unity Cup on Sunday. I understand that this is traditionally played between teams from East and West Shropshire but they decided to invite Staffordshire to play for it this year. It took the form of an all day event with one round in the morning and a second round in the afternoon with colours reversed. Shropshire won the match by an overall score of 25.5 - 19.5. Click here to view the results.