Tuesday 15 July 2014

Club & Player Details For Robert Milner

Can I please remind everybody about another point that Robert Milner raised last night. Robert MUST have the following information from all clubs by the end of October at the latest :

Name Of Club
Club Night
Club Secretary's Name
Club Secretary's Email Address
Club Secretary's Tel No(s)
List Of All Players Registered With Club
This List To Include Full Initials, Date Of Birth (Optional But Helpful), ECF Membership No, ECF Grading Code.

Failure to submit this information involves Robert in a lot of unnecessary and time consuming work and could result in games not being graded. It will also lead to missing or incorrect information on the NSDCA website and mobile app, which many people rely upon for their information. It is also a requirement under Article 2 Rule 3 of the NSDCA Playing Rules.