Thursday 5 June 2014

New Kids On The Block

I'm very pleased to be able to notify you all of the birth of a new chess club. Les Hall has left Alsager and is now involved in the setting up of the new club, which will be known as Crewe Chess Club, and which will be based at the Amalgamated Anglers Club, Beech Street, Crewe, CW1 2PY. They will be applying to join the NSDCA at the AGM in July and are hoping to enter 2 teams. They will be meeting on Wednesdays and a website should be up and running in the near future. Dave Price is the Chairman of the new club. I have no further details other than this at the moment. They will be the first new club to join the NSDCA since Broughton Arms in 1998 (later to become Alsager in 2006) and I'm sure that we all wish Les and his colleagues the very best of luck in their new venture.