Thursday 19 June 2014

County AGM

The County AGM took place at Stafford last night. I will publish a copy of the Minutes of the Meeting as soon as they become available. However, the Officers elected to serve for the coming season are :

President - Robert Milner
Secretary - Andrew Davies
Treasurer - Andrew Leadbetter
Junior Chess Organiser - Traci Whitfield
Tournament Secretary - Steve Emmerton
Congress Secretary - Matthew Carr
Correspondence Chess Secretary - Andrew Davies
Open Team Captain - David Anderton (Walsall Kipping)
U140 Captain - Denis Nesbitt (Stafford)
U120 Captain - Peter Evans (Stafford)
U100 Captain - Robert West (Fenton)

We would also like to run an U160 team but we have the perennial problem of finding a Team Captain. If anybody feels that they would like to take on the role then please contact Robert Milner.

Abby Sergeant has asked me to convey her thanks for the privilege of running the U100 team last season.