Tuesday 11 June 2013

NSDCA Entrants At The British Championships

North Staffs will be represented at the 100th British Championships in Torquay in various sections. Alex Richardson will be playing in the Championship proper, Bill Armstrong will be playing in the Major Open, Steve Emmerton in the U130 Senior Championship and Carl Gartside in both the U160 and U180 Championships, as well as the Week 1 Open, the Week 2 Open and the Soanes U150 Weekender competition. When does he find the time to sleep !!?? If any other NSDCA players enter between now and when the tournament starts I'll be sure to let you know.

David Anderton, the Staffordshire County President, will be playing in the Senior Championship - a title he won in 2003 in Edinburgh, 2005 in Douglas IOM, 2007 in Gt Yarmouth, 2009 in Torquay and 2011 in Sheffield.