Friday 5 April 2013

Friday Night At Cheddleton

There were 3 matches at Cheddleton last night. 2 of them were crucial Division 3 matches that directly affected the top of the table.

Cheddleton 'D' were beaten 3 - 1 by Meir 'A' and, as a consequence, dropped down to 5th in the table. Meir have now moved up to joint 4th but only have one fixture remaining. Cheddleton still have 2 matches in hand of leaders Fenton 'A' but are 7 points adrift so their prospects look bleak. Cheddleton names first :

Roger Edwards  0  Steve Hill  1
Roger Walker  1  Tom Healey  0
Jacob Boswell  0  Dave Fuller  1
David Hallen  0  Peter Windows  1

Cheddleton 'E' and Stafford 'B' were 3rd and 2nd respectively before the match started and that's how it remains following a 2 - 2 draw - a point that neither team could really afford to drop. Stafford can actually count themselves slightly lucky as the Cheddleton Board 4 blundered a Rook away whilst several Pawns to the good. Cheddleton have now played the same number of matches as Fenton but are still 5 points adrift. Stafford now only have one match in hand and are 3 points behind. Cheddleton names first :

John Yee  0.5  Pavel Nefyodov  0.5
Karol Grzybowski  1  Kazik Wozniak  0
Alex Cartlidge  0.5  Andrew Leadbetter  0.5
David Rose  0  Peter Evans  1

In Division 4 Cheddleton 'G' stay 2nd after beating Fenton 'C' by 2.5 - 1.5. They are now only a point behind Fenton 'B' but have played 3 matches more than them. Cheddleton names first :

Phil Birks  0.5  Steve Emmerton  0.5
Jacob Cartlidge  1  Jason Plant  0
Sam Beardmore  1  Stuart Hull  0
Dominic Taylor  0  Ernie Wilkinson  1