Friday 19 April 2013

3 Results From Cheddleton

There were 3 matches at Cheddleton last night. In Division 2, Cheddleton 'B' and Newcastle 'B' drew 2 - 2. This was Newcastle's final fixture and confirmed their 3rd place position. Cheddleton still have one match to play and will finish 2nd whatever the result. Cheddleton names first :

Simon Edwards  0  Alan Paling  1
Karol Grzybowski  0.5  Robbie Coats  0.5
Phil Birks  0.5  Paul Clapham  0.5
Alex Cartlidge  1  Nic Wright  0
Jacob Cartlidge  0.5  Pete Shaw  0.5

In Division 3, Cheddleton 'D' beat Alsager 'B' by 2.5 - 1.5. This was Alsager's final fixture and they have finished 2nd from bottom, just above Newcastle 'C'. Cheddleton 'D' are still in mid table but have matches in hand of the teams above them and are probably going to finish in the top three. Cheddleton names first :

Matthew Wyza  0.5  Alan Thomason  0.5
Jacob Boswell  1  Doug Barnett  0
David Hallen  0  Andy Barker  1
Frank Bruce  1  Les Hall  0

In Division 4, leaders Fenton 'B' and 2nd placed Cheddleton 'G' drew 2 - 2. This was Cheddleton's final fixture and whether they finish 2nd or 3rd depends on the results of their 'F' team's fixtures. Fenton are now 6 points clear of 3rd placed Cheddleton 'F' with two fixtures remaining, one of them being against Cheddleton 'F' next Friday. Cheddleton names first :

John Yee  0.5  Rob Taylor  0.5
Paul Shelley  0.5  Geoff Yates  0.5
Sam Beardmore  1  Mike Smith  0
Dominic Taylor  0  Derek Whitehurst  1