Monday 7 January 2013

Pointless Night For Meir

Both Meir 'B' and Meir 'C' were in action in Division 4 last night but were both beaten by title challengers Cheddleton 'G' and Fenton 'B' respectively.

Meir 'B' went down by  2.5 - 1.5. Meir names first :

Clive Ferry  0  Phil Birks  1
Peter Windows  1  Jacob Cartlidge  0
Eddie Burke  0.5  Sam Beardmore  0.5
Stuart Green  0  Dominic Taylor  1

Meir 'C' lost to Fenton 'B' by the same score. Meir names first :

Steve Hill  0  Rob Taylor  1
Dave Fuller  1  Geoff Yates  0
Tony Cooling  0.5  Mike Smith  0.5
Gwyn Price  0  Derek Whitehurst  1

These results take both Cheddleton 'G' and Fenton 'B' to within a point of leaders Cheddleton 'F', although Fenton have a game in hand of both Cheddleton teams.