Wednesday 9 January 2013

How To Turn A Draw Into A Loss

This is what Alsager 'B' managed to achieve last night when they played Meir 'A' in a Division 3 match. A 2 - 2 draw was converted into a 3 - 0 loss because they breached the 15 point rule when they played players out of grade order on Boards 3 and 4. The difference in grading between the 2 players concerned being 30 points. Alsager names first :

Doug Barnett  0  Steve Hill  1
Steve Brown  1  Dave Fuller  0
Andy Barker  0  Peter Windows  1
Frank Clarke  1  Stuart Green  0

Martyn's explanation of the rule is as follows -

 'Penalty for breach of board order rules is that the higher graded player playing on the lower board is classed as ineligible. The penalty for an ineligible player is that their game is scored to the opponent for match result purposes (though not for grading ones), and a further point is deducted from his team's total. Consequently for match result purposes Frank's game is scored to Meir, making the score 1-3, and then a further point is deducted giving a final result of 0-3.

The penalty would not apply if:

a) Frank was named in the team but not present at the start, and you requested or agreed that the potential default should be on bottom board.
b) The scheduled legitimate board 3 did not show and you requested or agreed that the potential default would be on board 3, with Andrew being used as a substitute after play had commenced.
c) The scheduled legitimate board 4 did not show and you agreed to Frank's use as a substitute after the start of play.'