Thursday 1 November 2012

Outstanding Result From Wednesday

The result of last night's Open Cup match between Stafford and Holmes Chapel has now come in. The result was a win for Stafford on board count, following a 4-4 draw against last season's winners. Stafford will now be away to Cheddleton in the next round. Stafford names first :

Malcolm Armstrong  0.5  John Turner  0.5
Gerald Acey  1  Pat Bennett  0
Ray Hyde  0.5  Mike Hancock  0.5
Stephane Pedder  0  Andrew Raeburn  1
Kazik Wozniak  1  Malcolm Roberts  0
Pavel Nefydov  0  Ian Bates  1
Ken McNulty  0  Ian Chester  1
Andrew Leadbetter  1  George Scattergood  0