Thursday 17 May 2012

Fenton And Cheddleton Triumph In County Cup Finals

Fenton and Cheddleton were winners of the Jackson (U141) Cup and the Gothard (U161) Cup in the Finals played at Stafford last night.  Cheddleton were also runners-up in the Hickman (Open) Cup after losing on board count to Walsall Kipping, with the match drawn at 3-3. I'm told that the Withnall Cup Final between Lichfield and Walsall Kipping was not played due to a lack of playing space. I don't know at this point when it will now be played.

Fenton beat Lichfield by 3-2 in the Jackson Cup and Cheddleton beat Stafford by 3-2 in the Gothard Cup. Congratulations to both clubs on flying the NSDCA flag so successfully. I don't yet have the score cards for the Hickman and Gothard Finals but the Jackson Cup score card is below - Fenton names first.

Rob Taylor  0.5  Alan Fraser  0.5
Derrick Wallace  1  Brian Homewood  0
Geoff Yates  0.5  Ron Crellin  0.5
Neal Davies  0.5  Mike Page  0.5
Stuart Hull  0.5  Arthur Hall  0.5