Saturday 28 April 2012

Friday Night At Cheddleton

2 matches at Cheddleton last night, both against Newcastle teams, resulted in a win and a draw for the hosts.  In Division 1, the two leading teams, Newcastle 'A' and Cheddleton 'A', drew 2.5 - 2.5.  This result leaves Newcastle a point clear still at the top of the table but they have now completed all of their fixtures. Cheddleton have one match left to play so can still steal it with a win.

Robert Shaw  1  Alan Paling  0
Simon Edwards  0.5  Martyn Harris  0.5
William Armstrong  0.5  Barry Jones  0.5
John Yee  0  Ian Jamieson  1
Colin Abell  0.5  Sam Onions  0.5

In Division 3, Cheddleton 'C' beat Newcastle 'D' 3-1 and remain in a mid table position.

Roger Edwards  1  Pete Shaw  0
Roger Walker  1  Paul Clapham  0
David Hallen  0.5  Steven Cooper  0.5
Ali Arshad  0.5  Derrick Jones  0.5