Thursday, 27 July 2017

South Cheshire Shield Grades

Please note that, although the July Grading List has been published, we will not be updating the League Management System with the new grades until the South Cheshire Shield has finished as this is still using last year's grades.

South Cheshire Shield Results

Newcastle  2  Alsager  2

See League Management System page for full details.

July Grading List Published

Please note that the provisional July Grading List has now been published. This should enable you to decide which Divisions and Cups you are going to play in this season. When you have decided, can you please let both myself and Martyn Harris know as soon as possible. 

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

NSDCA Players At The British Championships

There are currently 10 NSDCA players taking their buckets and spades to Llandudno in August to play in the British Championships. You can click here to view the culprits. Unusual to see no sign of Thivyaa Rahulan in the list as yet. Equally unusual is to see Les Hall entered in 3 different sections. What are the odds on him staying awake ??

New County Secretary

Ray Dolan was elected to succeed Andrew Davies as both County General Secretary and Correspondence Chess Secretary at last night's County AGM. All other Officers were re-elected unopposed. Full details of the AGM will appear shortly when the Minutes are published. However, it is worth noting that the rules regarding the County Cups were changed. The Gothard, Jackson and Withnall competitions will become 4 board matches instead of 5, and all clubs playing in the Wolverhampton, Cannock and NSDCA Leagues will be eligible to enter, not just those within the Staffordshire County Boundaries. All clubs paying Staffordshire affiliation fees will be eligible for free entry, while non-Staffordshire clubs will be liable to an entry fee of £5.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

AGM Minutes

The official Minutes of Monday's AGM can now be found here.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

South Cheshire Shield Results

Newcastle  2.5  Crewe 'B'  1.5

Crewe 'A'  3.5  Alsager  0.5

Please see League Management System for full details.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Last Night's AGM

Last night's AGM, with 20 people in attendance, was a largely uneventful affair, with nothing contentious arising. 

David Hulme stood down as Chairman because of his ill health over the past months.

Robert Milner stood down as General Secretary after 40 years of service, for which he was given a huge vote of thanks. However, he has not been lost to the Association as he was subsequently unanimously elected as our new Chairman.

Robert West of Fenton was unanimously elected as our new General Secretary.

All other incumbent Officers and Officials were re-elected en bloc.

I gave a brief talk on the new ECF League Management System and how we would be using it this season. All Team Captains will be given access to it before the end of the year so that they can enter results directly, rather than having to email them. Team Captains from Crewe, Alsager and Newcastle will be the first people to use the system for entering results from the South Cheshire Shield. It was emphasised that we would NOT be using those parts of the system for generating grading files or generating fixtures. Obviously this might be something that we might want to look into in the future but now is not an appropriate time.

Peter Evans, the NSDCA Treasurer, announced that fees for the season would be set at £8 per 5 board team and £6 per 4 board team. On top of this would be the County precept. This is dependent on the number of active members in your club, with a fee of £1 per active  member, but capped at a total of £30. Alsager, Crewe, Holmes Chapel and Macclesfield are exempt from this precept as they are outside the County boundaries. However, if any of these clubs wished to enter any of the Staffordshire County Cups they would be required to pay a £5 entry fee. Clubs paying the County precept would not be required to pay to enter any of the County Cups.

Next year's AGM provisionally set for 9th July at Meir Chess Club.

Apart from this there was very little to be discussed and the Meeting ended unusually early at 9:25.